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Will Scully-Power
Executive Director
We Met On A Plane Pty Ltd

Level 5, 50 York Street
Sydney NSW 2000

Global Phone: +61 400 828 866

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Finding love at 30,000 feet! – launches mobile app

Love is in the Air! launches to help airline passengers re-unite their love online


App helps you reconnect with the one that got away

It’s a high flying feeling to feel loved

No more boredom while flying

Love at first flight with – A website specialising in missed connections

Flirt on board the plane

VIDEO: Just Plane Crazy – Love is in the Air!

Love in the clouds, choose your seat on the next flight

VIDEO: Fox News

Do you love aircraft?

Find that person on that flight

Love at first flight

Unique flight related website

Met someone you fancy on a plane?

BA, London Midland and inflight romance

Met someone you fancy on a plane? New website helps you track them down

INTERVIEW: Love is (hopefully) in the air for Social Platform

RADIO: 5 mins 30 secs –

VIDEO: New Website Promotes Love in the Air


Site to find that special someone you met on a flight – A site that is expected to make thunder

There is love in the air!

Flirt on an airplane? How to find your love

Missed you flirting from an aircraft seat

Flirt in aircraft as found

Turning that mile-high encounter into a zero-mile relationship

Online Dating: Allows You to Find Your Missed Connection

Website helps travelers find love in the sky

Find your mile-high connections at

When your seatmate becomes your soul mate, a new website steps in

Love is in the air thanks to

Correct mile-high missed connections at

Do you love aircraft?

Romances that literally begin on Cloud 9

Finding Love at 30,000 feet

More people falling in love in the sky

I love the idea in the air

Find your next plane

Crush on the plane

Love is in the air with Social Networking

Ignition of love in an airplane?

Romance from the plane

How to find that special someone you met on a plane?

For passengers who missed their connection to love

Are airlines bringing sexy back?

Are airplanes the new place to find love?

Reconnect Online with that cute seatmate

Sparks flying? Find that sexy seatmate

Onboard dating: matches in the sky

Website reconnects flirtatious fliers

Start-up Report – We Met On A Plane

Missed Connections: Did I miss out on my soulmate?

Love is in the air…

Dating Lasso

VIDEO: We Met On A Plane! Where are you now?

Now you can find flirt pickup

I traveled, a crush, lost at the baggage carousel

Singles looking for love, look to the sky

New website lets passengers find lost loves

Missing in flight? Find him!

Have we dated someone we met on a plane?

Remember Me? We Connected on a Plane!

With 2.7 Billion passengers, the potential is HUGE!

RADIO: Love is in the Air!

From airport flirting to online connection

Web Site Helps Fliers Find Love After Landing

An alternative route to the mile high club

New Site “We Met On A Plane” Reconnects fliers for romance

Did you meet a mate or datemate while traveling?

Find that person next to you on your flight and reconnect

We Met On A Plane, Now Where Are You?

Site helps reunite plane passengers

Contacts Lost: The Internet offers a second chance to cupid

Opened, Services Arranged marriages in plane

New social network to find someone you met on a plane find a soul mate met on the flight line

Service for sitting next to a crush

A website helps you rediscover people met on airplanes

If you fall in love on the plane

Now you can meet air flirting again

You’ll find yours truly on the plane

Missed you flirting from aircraft seat?

Missed-connection website give Cupid a second shot

Life is short, except when it’s long

Missed Connections No Longer

Happiness in Love – Happiness is Hope

New Site “We Met on a Plane” Reconnects Fliers for Romance

VIDEO: Site helps locate potential plane love connections

“We Met On a Plane” Website Reconnects Goo-Goo Eyed Travelers

Asia Journeys Magazine – What’s New in Travel –

New Website reconnects fliers who forgot to exchange numbers looks to reconnect smitten fliers who forgot to swap digits

Missed Connections for the Airborn

Love is in the air if you know how to find it

Website reconnects fliers who forgot to swap numbers

RADIO: Nova 96.9 –

How to flirt again from the flight

VIDEO: Interview from the Today Show

Today Show – Channel 9 Sydney – Love is in the Air!

Love is In The Air Thanks to

Love is literally in the air with the launch of new website

Love is in the Air with new website

WeMetOnAPlane to re-connect lost in-flight love

New website reignites in-flight romance

Met on a jet? Now find online the flyer of your fancy

A Missed Connection Site with an Airplane Twist’s Billboard Advertisement in Time Square in New York!