• Stuttgart, Germany (STR) → Berlin, Germany (TXL) Date: Thursday 23th October 2014 Flight: AB6538 0
  • We actually didn’t meet on the plane, I’m not even sure if we were on the same plane. Mine came from Stuttgart. I saw him (tall, skinny, brown hair, black clothes, white/light grey bag) passing the luggage belt and then … Continue reading

  • Delhi, India (DEL) → kolkata Date: Wednesday 22th October 2014 Flight: S2 4282 0
  • you were right next to me, well the seat in between was empty. 31F where are you?

  • Brussels, Belgium (BRU) → Dublin, Republic of Ireland (DUB) Date: Thursday 23th 2014 Flight: FR 45 0
  • I was on a flight form Charleroi (Brussels) to Dublin and I was sitting in seat 12B. Sitting beside me in 12C was my woman in question. She was French and was meeting her friend in Dublin. She was due … Continue reading

  • Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) → Billund, Denmark (BLL) Date: Thursday 16th 2014 Flight: LH842 0
  • Two consecutive flights: first LH121 from Munich to Frankfurt, then this one and I cannot believe I didn\’t make contact as I noticed you @ Munich airport already. On flight leg from Frankfurt to Billund, you were even sitting right … Continue reading

  • Nashville, United States (BNA) → Dallas Fort Worth, United States (DFW) Date: Tuesday 21th October 2014 Flight: 2464 0
  • Okay, we didn’t really meet… You looked, and I looked. A lot. No words were spoken, but I felt a clear, palpable connection. I was sitting by the window in row 14, and you were three rows ahead by the … Continue reading

  • Venice, Italy (VCE) → Munich Date: Saturday 18th October 2014 Flight: EN 8201 0
  • Searching for small and beauty girl from flight venice to munich It was the 18th October 2014 when we met each and we only smiled so i don’t know who you really are and that’s the point i wanna change! … Continue reading

  • Miami, United States (MIA) → Montreal, Canada (YUL) Date: Friday 17th October 2014 Flight: aa1478 0
  • you do not have a handkerchief

  • Dublin, Republic of Ireland (DUB) → Boston, United States (BOS) Date: Monday 20th October 2014 Flight: EI139 0
  • Miss seat 32G, just wanted to let you know it took me 20 min to pick my luggage :p I had the time to realise I didn’t ask your name. Looking forward to sharing another freezing cold and delayed flight … Continue reading

  • Paris, France (CDG) → Atlanta, United States (ATL) Date: Saturday 11th October 2014 Flight: AF 688 0
  • I am looking for the woman who sat next to me on a flight from Paris CDG to Atlanta ATL. She was sitting in seat 21K. The plane had engine trouble 3 hours into the flight and returned to Paris. … Continue reading

  • Phoenix, United States (PHX) → Portland (Oregon), United States (PDX) Date: Saturday 4th October 2014 Flight: 671 0
  • Hey, we met on a plane and shared a mutual entertaining banter of the people around us, We shared a seat to put our feat as you told me about how you were moving back to Portland from California. You … Continue reading