• London (Heathrow), United Kingdom (LHR) → Paris, France (CDG) Date: Wednesday 2nd April 2003 Flight: AF1081 0
  • That time you were visiting family and we got to bond with you and by the end of the trip I remember thinking how considerate and sweet you were. It’s sad that we never got the chance to really know … Continue reading

  • Charlotte, United States (CLT) → San Antonio, United States (SAT) Date: Friday 24th March 2017 Flight: 0733 0
  • Army soldier I met in Charlotte, NC and talked a little before our flight to San Antonio, TX. I wanted the chance to get your name and hopefully see you again.

  • Mexico City, Mexico (MEX) → Madrid, Spain (MAD) Date: Monday 27th March 2017 Flight: IB6402 0
  • Se que escribir aquí es una locura, pero es la unica manera de poder saber de ti. El vuelo salió sobre las 9 de la noche desde México, ibamos sentados en la parte trasera del avión, yo iba en la … Continue reading

  • Las Vegas, United States (LAS) → Charlotte, United States (CLT) Date: Monday 27th March 2017 Flight: 463 0
  • Where do I start? I would never do this but I’ve been thinking about Scott since I departed Charlotte on Monday evening. He was sitting in 27C I in 27B. Initially, we didn’t talk too much, but after turbulence shook … Continue reading

  • Toronto, Canada (YYZ) → Edmonton, Canada (YEG) Date: Thursday 25th 2017 Flight: AC1157 0
  • This is TOTALLY unlike me, I have no idea where this is coming from and I am sure to regret writing this on here (whatever this strange website even is – it came up in conversation over lunch at work … Continue reading

  • Rome, Italy (FCO) → Lisbon, Portugal (LIS) Date: Friday 24th March 2017 Flight: FR2098 0
  • Mentre andavo a Lisbona con una mia amica ho conosciuto Federico che era seduto accanto a noi, purtroppo non abbiamo avuto modo né tempo per scambiarci altre informazioni ma mi piacerebbe rivederlo. Valeria

  • London (Heathrow), United Kingdom (LHR) → Dubai, United Arab Emirates (DXB) Date: Tuesday 28th March 2017 Flight: EK8 0
  • Nothing feels more heartwarming and liberating than realizing how incredibly lucky I am to have you as my very special earth angel. There are no words to describe the gratitude and happiness I feel for having your wings on me … Continue reading

  • Paris, France (CDG) → Toulouse-Blagnac, France (TLS) Date: Sunday 26th March 2017 Flight: AF7522 0
  • Bonjour, Je m’appelle Matthieu et j’ai rencontré une fille d’une nom de Fanny qui rentré d’un voyage du Mexique. La seule chose que je sais c’est qu’elle est Juriste. J’ai vraiment apprécié notre discussion et j’aimerais pouvoir la retrouvé afin … Continue reading

  • Nashville, United States (BNA) → Baltimore, United States (BWI) Date: Monday 27th March 2017 Flight: 4681 0
  • I was sitting in the aisle seat toward the back of the plane. You and your daughter sat next to me. You started the conversation by asking if I was going home. You were on your way back to NJ … Continue reading

  • Dublin, Republic of Ireland (DUB) → Istanbul, Turkey (IST) Date: Monday 20th March 2017 Flight: 1978 0
  • You were returning home from a St. Patrick’s Day celebration with your buddies. We talked politics, tattoos, and Buddhism. Through a flight change, I stood you up on coffee in the Istanbul airport…You have three cockroaches tattooed on your chest. … Continue reading