• Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) → Berlin, Germany (TXL) Date: Saturday 22th November 2014 Flight: LH 174 0
  • Du 9D, ich 7C. Leider nur ein kurzer Blickkontakt. Hätte auf mein (nicht vorhandenes) Gepäck warten sollen….

  • Paris, France (CDG) → Berlin, Germany (TXL) Date: Sunday 9th November 2014 Flight: AF 1834 0
  • Hey I have no idea why I´m doing this or of it makes sense but – why not. We were on the same Air France flight from Paris to Berlin, I was with a friend, both very tired and with … Continue reading

  • London (Heathrow), United Kingdom (LHR) → San Diego, United States (SAN) Date: Thursday 6th November 2014 Flight: BA0273 0
  • I had the seat no. 28F and you had seat no. 29G. Unfortunately we had no conversation but after landing your friend offered me help to get my hand baggage down but because he was as small as me he … Continue reading

  • Barcelona, Spain (BCN) → London (Gatwick), United Kingdom (LGW) Date: Tuesday 18th November 2014 Flight: EZY8574 0
  • Girl with an awesome smile asked me if this was the gate to London Gatwick and sat down in front of me. It was in Barcelona Airport, terminal T2C at gate/lounge M0, I think our flight departed from gate M6. … Continue reading

  • Santa Ana, United States (SNA) → Denver, United States (DEN) Date: Thursday 26th 2014 Flight: 264 0
  • David & Goliath I recently sat next to, and had a very nice conversation with, a young lady on a flight from SNA to DEN. She was travelling to Durango, CO. for a bike race, and I was headed home … Continue reading

  • Perth, Australia (PER) → singapore Date: Thursday 8th 2014 Flight: SQ214 0
  • Wendy and I just started talking and one of those fabulous fun and effortless conversations ensued with the flight zipping by. I was genuinely regretful to leave for my next flight to Amsterdam without having some way of contacting her … Continue reading

  • Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) → Dallas Fort Worth, United States (DFW) Date: Sunday 26th October 2014 Flight: AB4506 0
  • Hallo, Urlauberin . Wir haben in der AA Check-in Schlange hintereinander gestanden und über Urlaub gesprochen. Du warst mit deiner Freundin unterwegs nach Cancun Mexico und ich auf ein Meeting in Dallas. Auf dem Flug saßt du auf 25F und … Continue reading

  • New York (Newark), United States (EWR) → London (Heathrow), United Kingdom (LHR) Date: Friday 14th November 2014 Flight: BA188 0
  • We were on two flights together. Miami to Newark and Newark to London, Heathrow. You were wearing a blue tshirt with jeans and nikes. You were with your family, consisting of your parents and your older brother. You were Russian … Continue reading

  • Venice, Italy (VCE) → Munich, Germany (MUC) Date: Saturday 18th October 2014 Flight: EN 8201 0
  • And the first month is gone with no answer :-/… I am searching for small and beautiful girl from our flight venice to munich – i can’t stop thinking about her.. It was the 18th October 2014 when we met … Continue reading

  • Madrid, Spain (MAD) → Lisbon, Portugal (LIS) Date: Friday 14th November 2014 Flight: TP1021 0
  • Surprise de vous voir à la sortie de l’avion, j’ai eu l’impression que vous vouliez m’aborder. Je n’ai pas osé le faire moi-même ! Peut-être passerez-vous aussi par là ?