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  • Cape Town, South Africa (CPT) → Dubai, United Arab Emirates (DXB) Date: Sunday 12th February 2017Flight: EK773
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I flew from Cape town to Dubai on my way home to the UK with a friend. Luckily we did not have seats together and I ended up sitting next to a lovely guy who was in Cape Town on business for a few days. We started chatting about the wifi on the plane. We had quite a few things in common and even shared pictures of the food, especially the burgers we ate in Cape Town. He told me that lived in Manchester and worked for a company that produces automotive parts. I don’t know if he was single, but it did sound like he didn’t have much time for a relationship. He travels frequently with work and works long hours.

He has a French background and he’s favourite food is stuffed peppers made by he’s French grandmother. He also liked drinking tomato juice, which I tried for the first time and it was pretty awful.

He was tall with a shaved head. I would have given him my facebook contact details, but he didn’t believe in social media after a friend told him off for not responding to a message on facebook. Subsequently he deleted all social media apps. He did have WhatsApp, but I was too shy to ask for his contact details.

As we left the plane I thought he was behind me and my plan was to ask him for his contact details, but when I looked behind me he was stuck at the back of the plane and I had to rush to catch my connecting flight.

I was very disappointed that I didn’t give him some form of contact details. I told all my colleagues about him and they have been encouraging me to try and find him. I don’t easily feel a connection with someone, which is why my friends and colleagues have even gone on the search to find him. This is how i got the details of this website. I think it’s a long shot, especially as he does not use social media. One of my friends even tried to get his details through the airline, but he never responded to an email send by the airline.

He’s name is Alex, which is short for Alexandre (not sure about the spelling). He’s probably in a relationship or not interested, but I thought it’s worth a try after the connection I felt and have not felt since even though i meet people all the time.

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