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  • Detroit, United States (DTW) → Phoenix, United States (PHX) Date: Thursday 11th 2015Flight: DL1921
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We were on a delta flight from Detroit, MI to Phoenix, AZ. I was sitting in seat 33C and you were in 33D. As we were waiting for them to close the door you joked about how I had no one in the row with me and you were going to be jealous if I got to have the row to myself because you always thought it\’d be cool to have a whole row to yourself. Well it didn’t end up that way; I had a very nice couple join my row and you said \”better luck next time”. We talked about why we were headed to Arizona; you were going for work with two of your coworkers(which sat infront of us) and I was visiting a friend. After a while we started joking about how your coworker in front of me had too keep getting up for the window passenger to use the restroom, pretty sure he had already got up three times and we were going of the fourth time. So you said \”let’smake a bet for how many more times he’s going to get up before we land.\” I said OK I bet three more times and you said two more, even your coworkers joined in on the bet(can’t remember their bets). Not sure what the end result was because I think we all stopped paying attention. You had been the funnest person to ride next to in a plane and Ive never forgotten that flight because of you! I wish I would have given you my name and number so we could have kept in contact, so I\’m hoping this helps me find you!

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