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  • San Francisco, United States (SFO) → Dallas Fort Worth, United States (DFW) Date: Sunday 26th August 2012Flight: 2466
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I met you on a flight to Dallas! My name is Paige.

I was sitting in the aisle seat of an exit row, feeling tremendously nervous (per usual) and wondering when the hell my Xanax was going to kick in. I was attempting to distract myself with a magazine when you sat down. You were very handsome and I was very pleased.

We started talking and I informed you of my extreme flying nerves. You were quick to offer your hand should I feel particularly scared. I knew immediately that I would take it at least once, regardless of whether I was scared or not!

Take off is the worst part for me, so as soon as the wheels left the ground I was clinging to your arm like a kid in a lightening storm. Throughout the duration of the flight, I learned that you were headed to Wisconsin to be there for a friend that was going through a very hard time. You told me you went to college there but grew up in San Diego. You also said your name was Phil. Eventually, my Xanax kicked in and I became exhausted, I fell asleep on your shoulder and we continued to hold hands. It was so sweet and so refreshing.

Unfortunately my anti-anxiety pill got the best of me and the last things I remember saying to you were “I can’t feel my legs” followed by a feeble “bye!” Yikes.

Phil from San Diego (with your 32′ boat) – Thank you so much for your kindness. I so wish we could have exchanged information, I would have loved to show you NYC and the East Coast!

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