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  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (KUL) → Sydney (SYD) Date: Monday 11th July 2011Flight:
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So it started when i got to the check in counter at Lankawi airport. The woman who was checking me in that said my flights had changed. And today instead of flying direct to Auckland from Kuala Lumpar. I would be stopping in Sydney today. “no that cant be right” I said..and she indecently but I guess slightly reasuringly said “well the computer says you are flying through Sydney today…”

She reminded me of ‘Little Brittains’ travel agent Carol Beer….”computer says noooo”…..aaaah frustration…

On that note….
As my flight was landing…the next one was boarding! didnt help that it was also in a totally different terminal!

I ended up sprinting for my plane and only just making it on, dreadeing that feeling of being that person…the one everyone is waiting on… The one that the guy who has a spare seat next to him has to deal with when i spoil his exstatic thoughts that the door is closing and he has some room to spread out and relax for 9 hours.
Yes well…as I walked down the isle, flustered and out of breath from running, I was looking down the row at the pattern of people heads filling the seats…three heads, tree heads…three heads and a screaming kid..another three heads…a few of which i thought to myself “thank god im not inbetween them..!”

I could see a gap in the pattern a little way down. Two of them was a woman in her mid 30′s sitting in the window seat…AND then there he was…Blonde sandy blonde hair, blue eyes that could see right through me. It was as if i had been hit by an invisable force of something that made me feel all funny and shy. When i got there the first thing I said to him was …”I know what your thinking.”

He smiled looking out the window and then back at me with a curious look and repelied “And what might that be?”

“well I know because …every time they are shutting those doors and the flight attendants start to close everything up it usually means there are no other passengers aka lucky for you because you scored some extra room for the long flight. I then come along and burst that little bubble and you then become just like everyone else…Crammed up and uncomfortable for 9 hours in your seat that doesnt recline more then an inch…”

he then said “not at all…” and without hesitation I said..”well that would be what I was thinking…” haha doh! I mean….

As we took off the ground we started conversation straight away..Now remembering I probably said 2 words to the window seat lady the whole time.

I told him about my trip in Thailand and he filled me in on his.

We then got down to some more ….er…qualifying questions and relevant/ more “important” information on eachother.

One of the first things i noticed was he was reading the book “What would google do?” And my first thought was “Great he is a computer/internet/data technology, google loving geek….aka total opposite to me. Buuuut he seemed pretty funny and easy to chat to.He even convinced me to watch “the Social network” in-sync with him….Im pretty sure the whole “data” talk arose when he asked me if I knew what facebook was….(its 2011 people) “Of course i have a facebook….do you think im just some nature admireing, rainbow worshipping, compost brewing,animal loving, tree hugging hippy who hates computers and technology and would rather spend my time with animals or volinteering at the nearest welfare centre for under privlaged children?”…well yes. BUT…Im not that disconnected with new age technology. hahaha…I do remember saying and I quote “I will NEVER own and iphone…”

By the end of the flight Im pretty sure he knew my whole life story and like in the movie… I wrote on a peice of paper “FB me” and gave it to him as we went our seperate ways. He gave me a kiss on the cheek and said “it was lovely to meet you”

“You too” I said and I continued on my journey home to NZ..

When i got back I had a new messege (already) from Will again saying he was glad to have met me and hopfully we can keep in touch and if I am ever in Sydney, to look him up..
Yea right…like I will ever end up going there….I have lived here in NZ for 14 years and have never been to Aussie…why would i go this time?

It just so happened …I did.

4 months later I decided to visit my younger brother who lives and works in Sydney and I thought to myself “what else can I do while Im there?”…so…I played with the idea in my head for a while and finally “jumped off the fence” and sent him a random email saying “Hey turns out Im coming to Sydney. If you are around we should get coffee or something. Is this weird that Im emailing you?…we met on a plane…..”

The next day he replied and seemed kind of excited. Wanting to know why I was there, how long for, and that yes he will take me out.

For the month before I arrived, we skyped, facebooked, whatsapped (yes i got an iphone…in the end…), vibered, emailed, and even talked on a regular phone. I was almost dissapointed in myself for being so “wired in” all the time. But..I was smittened I guess and I had hoped he was too…

Silly? yes probably…but somehow we just connected. And when I came to Sydney for 10 days, it was one of the best 10 days I had spent anywhere with someone I barely knew.
Following that trip, he then came to New Zealand and the idea of moving form NZ kept lingering in my mind.

The digerati long distance was getting a bit hard so i packed up everything and moved over!

One thing…BTW FYI!!! We are probably the most epic, fun, weird, sane, but totally crazy off centered puuuurfect match! and well…….We met on a damn plane!!!

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  • Will Scully-power October 20, 20126:21 am

    Hi Babe,

    It’s me. The guy you sat next to on the plane.

    Would love to see you again.

    Ping me.

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