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  • paris → berlin Date: Saturday 31th December 2011Flight: 4261
  •    Saturday 31th December 2011   |   3 Comments   |      

we met on a plane from PARIS to BERLIN it was an EASYJET flight … i dont know your name and i wish i’d ask for it when you asked me for a lighter after we got off the plane and said ”you should be happy”. the only thing i know is that your friend or brother picked you up from the airport. you were also reading a book in hebrew…i know this is weird but i really wanna get to know you

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  • anonymous January 11, 20125:18 am

    well it seems like you both are together now..but i’m a little curious to know about you.
    “I hope you wont disappoint yourself by replyin back”

    • alice February 4, 20121:38 pm

      ”well it seems like you both are together now” – what makes you think so? no we r not:)

  • X October 17, 20138:52 am


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