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Latest Stories
  • Portland (Oregon), United States (PDX) → Seattle, United States (SEA) Date: Saturday 22th March 2014 Flight: 2154 0
  • My name is Noemi looking for R.C. from Fort Collins, Colorado. I sat next to him on the flight to Seattle, i was going to Vegas and he was heading home after visiting his brother in Portland. I really kick … Continue reading

  • London (Heathrow), United Kingdom (LHR) → Austin, United States (AUS) Date: Friday 18th April 2014 Flight: British Airlines 191 0
  • I’m looking for an assistance air guy from British Airways, for the flight from London to Austin, his name it’s Anthony, I think he has 36 years old. Thanks!

  • Miami, United States (MIA) → London (Heathrow), United Kingdom (LHR) Date: Tuesday 1st April 2014 Flight: BA206 0
  • I’m still looking for you,the guy I met on the plane-you are from Manchester,tall and handsome,in your 40s,you said you went fishing in Miami. I’m the girl you spoke with on the airport and later on the plane,then the turbulence … Continue reading

  • London (Heathrow), United Kingdom (LHR) → Johannesburg, South Africa (JNB) Date: Saturday 19th April 2014 Flight: SA235 0
  • i was sat one row in front of her, four seats to the right. i was already in my seat when she boarded and was loading her luggage into the overhead and told be that ben and jerrys was her … Continue reading

  • Zurich, Switzerland (ZRH) → Berlin, Germany (TXL) Date: Monday 21th April 2014 Flight: LH5835 0
  • I’m looking for a guy that was on my plane tonight (boarding 20:20) , flying from ZRH to TXL. He was young and wearing all black (dr. martens i believe). When I was sitting at gate A63 at Zurich airport … Continue reading

  • Detroit, United States (DTW) → New York (JFK), United States (JFK) Date: Sunday 20th April 2014 Flight: 3321 0
  • Row 4, window, prettiest girl I have ever seen!!!

  • Dallas Fort Worth, United States (DFW) → Philadelphia, United States (PHL) Date: Wednesday 16th April 2014 Flight: 2264 0
  • Instant connection! I can’t imagine never seeing him again. He had the window seat and I was in the middle seat. I was reading my book until I could no longer concentrate. He held my hand… The chemistry was incredible.

  • San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) → Miami International, Florida (MIA) Date: Wednesday 2nd April 2014 Flight: AA 1204 0
  • We met by the book shelves in San Jose airport. We talked about some books that you had read and liked. After that I met you several times around the airport where you smiled at me. You where on my … Continue reading

  • Cuiabá Marechal Rondon, Brazil (CGB) → São Paulo Guarulhos International, Brazil (GRU) Date: Thursday 18th 2014 Flight: AD 2606 0
  • By wmoap
  • OsVoo da Azul. Dois sorrisos… um na entrada e outro aguardando as bagagens. Olhares pelos óculos de ambos, vergonha e um caderninho rabiscado.

  • Split, Croatia (SPU) → Paris, France (CDG) Date: Saturday 19th April 2014 Flight: CTN747 0
  • Nous nous sommes tous d’abord vue a Split chez le même vendeur de sandwichs. Ensuite nous nous sommes retrouver assis à côté dans un car en direction de l’aéroport de Split. Dans l’avion nous n’étions qu’a 4 rangs d’écart. J’écoutais … Continue reading