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Latest Stories
  • Detroit, United States (DTW) → New York (JFK), United States (JFK) Date: Sunday 20th April 2014 Flight: 3321 0
  • Row 4, window, prettiest girl I have ever seen!!!

  • Dallas Fort Worth, United States (DFW) → Philadelphia, United States (PHL) Date: Wednesday 16th April 2014 Flight: 2264 0
  • Instant connection! I can’t imagine never seeing him again. He had the window seat and I was in the middle seat. I was reading my book until I could no longer concentrate. He held my hand… The chemistry was incredible.

  • San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO) → Miami International, Florida (MIA) Date: Wednesday 2nd April 2014 Flight: AA 1204 0
  • We met by the book shelves in San Jose airport. We talked about some books that you had read and liked. After that I met you several times around the airport where you smiled at me. You where on my … Continue reading

  • Cuiabá Marechal Rondon, Brazil (CGB) → São Paulo Guarulhos International, Brazil (GRU) Date: Thursday 18th 2014 Flight: AD 2606 0
  • By wmoap
  • OsVoo da Azul. Dois sorrisos… um na entrada e outro aguardando as bagagens. Olhares pelos óculos de ambos, vergonha e um caderninho rabiscado.

  • Split, Croatia (SPU) → Paris, France (CDG) Date: Saturday 19th April 2014 Flight: CTN747 0
  • Nous nous sommes tous d’abord vue a Split chez le même vendeur de sandwichs. Ensuite nous nous sommes retrouver assis à côté dans un car en direction de l’aéroport de Split. Dans l’avion nous n’étions qu’a 4 rangs d’écart. J’écoutais … Continue reading

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (AMS) → Birmingham, United Kingdom (BHX) Date: Thursday 14th 2014 Flight: 1423 0
  • You helped me wrestle my big roll aboard bag underneath my seat (8F). We started chatting and you told me that you\’d been off playing Cricket in Africa for 6 months, and you were going home to Nottingham. I talked … Continue reading

  • Cordoba, Argentina (COR) → São Paulo Guarulhos International, Brazil (GRU) Date: Thursday 14th 2014 Flight: G3 7611 0
  • poltrona 8b

  • tunis carthage → Paris Date: Thursday 17th April 2014 Flight: Air France AF1085 0
  • We were on a flight from Tunis to Paris, and you were in transit in Paris to go back to Germany, in Berlin where you live. We were in the “sky priority” places on the Air France flight. Your name … Continue reading

  • Berlin → Basel Date: Thursday 17th April 2014 Flight: EZS4633 0
  • Hallo Alex, es tut mir leid, dass ich so ungesprächig war, ich hatte einen furchtbaren Tag hinter mir und war in Gedanken ganz wo anders, wie du sicher gemerkt hast.. Ich habe mich eigentlich gefreut, mal einen netten, angenehmen und … Continue reading

  • Birmingham, United Kingdom (BHX) → Dubai Date: Monday 10th March 2014 Flight: Ek377 0
  • We met at Birmingham.. Sat near each other on the plane.. Hang out in Dubai till we went to out separate plane connections.. You went to Australia.. You were a nice friend that I want to talk to again