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Latest Stories
  • Denver, United States (DEN) → Los Angeles, United States (LAX) Date: Monday 26th January 2015 Flight: UA765 0
  • From 40E (Kelly) to 40D (Steve). You were in med school flying to Brisbane but originally from Calgary. I am from Chicago. Not quite sure what compelled me to do this, but I can’t help but regret not getting your … Continue reading

  • Melbourne, Australia (MEL) → Dubai, United Arab Emirates (DXB) Date: Thursday 21th 2015 Flight: EK5008 0
  • By wmoap
  • Hey mysterious boy. Most people smile at each other or talk to each other. We got more than this. Much more and i really want to know about you. What is your name? Where are you from? I think about … Continue reading

  • Nuremburg, Germany (NUE) → Hamburg, Germany (HAM) Date: Tuesday 20th January 2015 Flight: AB6714 0
  • Du saßt eine Reihe vor mir auf 10C, ich auf 11A. Du hast im Transferbus vom Flieger zum Terminal in HH erzählt, dass Du im Urlaub in Hurghada warst. Am Gepäckband hast Du mir noch einen schönen Tag gewünscht. Habe … Continue reading

  • Aarhus, Denmark (AAR) → Aarhus, Denmark (AAR) Date: Thursday 18th 2014 Flight: EN 8201 0
  • By wmoap
  • Hey my girl, i don’t want to wait to meet you again and see your beautiful smile again! Pls search for more venice-munich flights to get more information And if you are the one i am searching for, please contact … Continue reading

  • London (Heathrow), United Kingdom (LHR) → Edinburgh, United Kingdom (EDI) Date: Tuesday 20th January 2015 Flight: VS3011 0
  • From seat 26A, we spoke about the following: Prince2 Bariatric surgery and robotics Dolphin watching Single malt Buying birthday presents Careers I should’ve asked for contact details as I’m new to the East side and you seemed like a nice … Continue reading

  • New York (JFK), United States (JFK) → Paris, France (CDG) Date: Sunday 18th January 2015 Flight: AF007 0
  • Au charmant canadien de Vancouver, rencontré sur le vol JFK-CDG de 19h15. Un chouette moment. Quel dommage que nous n’ayons pas eu le temps d’échanger nos numéros. La passagère en chaussettes (comme toi)

  • Bangkok, Thailand (BKK) → Dubai, United Arab Emirates (DXB) Date: Sunday 18th January 2015 Flight: EK419 0
  • We meet on a flight EK419 you were departing from Sydney, I from Bangkok. You seated next to me and you borrowed me your sleeping pillow. I cant get you out of my mind.

  • Charlotte, United States (CLT) → Miami, United States (MIA) Date: Thursday 25th December 2014 Flight: 2047 0
  • Your name is Ken, We spoke about Lucy, Cozumel ,Scuba diving and everything else… Email if you also feel it was special and want to continue our conversation. Friend from seat “3C”

  • San Juan, Puerto Rico (SJU) → New York (JFK), United States (JFK) Date: Sunday 11th January 2015 Flight: 348 0
  • I saw him at our departure gate (14!), he saw me, there was a connection. A guy about 27-30 years old, very tall, we got food at the same place! I ate an yogurt and he got a salad. In … Continue reading

  • Columbus, United States (CMH) → Atlanta, United States (ATL) Date: Thursday 16th 2015 Flight: 1695 0
  • I was traveling with my little boy. We first ran into each other at security. I thought you were so cute and had the nicest smile! To my surprise you were on our flight and sat a few rows ahead … Continue reading